The line of 5 axes vertical machining centers with swivel-rotary table. Several available models with increasing table size and axes strokes to machine small to big pieces.


RAFFAELLO is the 5-axis vertical machining centre with tilt rotary table born from the years of experience of Rema Control in 5 simultaneous axes applications and built to meet the highest machining requirements in terms of reliability, speed and precision.

The base is monoblock and well-sized, electrowelded and stabilised following the latest thermal treatment technologies which ensure high stability, rigidity and sturdiness. The saddle (X-axis), the column (Y-axis) and the head group (Z-axis) have a newly designed thermo-symmetrical structure, carefully designed with the support of the FEM-Design modelling software, which guarantees high rigidity to bending. Thanks to its high quality and precision, the swivel rotary table enables the machining of a workpiece in a single set-up, ensuring excellent results. All machine moving parts always rest on guides, even at the end of their travel. The guides are provided with preloaded re-circulating roller pads that thanks to the low friction coefficient, ensure excellent positioning precision and speed.

Highly reliable machine thanks to its top quality components and to a smart design that minimises maintenance requirements.

The family of RAFFAELLO machines includes 4 versions of growing dimensions (from 400 mm to 1400 mm of X-axis travel) and 2 further special models with an ISO 50 configuration. All the models are then further customisable through several available options (e.g. spindle with specific characteristics, expandable tool magazine and various measuring and cooling systems) so as to make a tailor-made product that meets each customer’ specific needs.

Consult the technical characteristics of the machine and, if you wish, compare the data among the available models:
models available:
comparing lengths:

 R5A.4R5A.6R5A.10R5A.14R5A.13 P
Rototranslating table
Table dimensions (option)ᴓ 400 mm600 x 500 mm600x600 (ᴓ 800) mmᴓ 630 (ᴓ 1.000) mmᴓ 1.150 mm
Maximum table load150 Kg400 Kg800 Kg1000 Kg2000 Kg
Maximum workpiece swing ᴓ 500 mmᴓ 700 mmᴓ 1.000 mmᴓ 1.380 mmᴓ 1.250 mm
Axes travel
X-axis travel450 mm650 mm1000 mm1400 mm1300 mm
Y-axis travel (option)450 mm600 mm800 mm850 mm1200 mm
Z-axis travel600 mm650 mm800 mm800 mm1000 mm
Rapid X-Y-Z axes50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min
Spindle data
Tool taperISO 40/HSK 63ISO 40/HSK 63ISO 40/HSK 63/ISO 50/HSK 100ISO 40/HSK 63ISO 40/HSK 63/ISO 50/HSK 100
Rotation speed15000 rpm15000 rpm15000 rpm15000 rpm10000 rpm
Power24 Kw24 Kw24 Kw24 Kw55 Kw
Torque 142 Nm142 Nm142 Nm142 Nm250 Nm
Optional spindles20.000 / 24.000 rpm12.000 / 20.000 / 24.000 rpm10.000 / 12.000 / 20.000 / 24.000 rpm12.000 / 20.000 / 24.000 rpm12.000 / 15.000 / 20.000 / 24.000 rpm
Tool magazine
Number of positions (standard)3030303030
Maximum number of positions (option)200200200200200
Available CNC systems
Fanuc 31i-MB5
Heidenhain iTNC 640
Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL

Accurate design and first quality components.

Electrospindle with built-in cooling system as standard.

Slide and gantry are always supported by guides. Rocking movements, often caused by lack of support, are prevented.

Accurate kinematic features for 5-axis continuous machining, with laser and Ballbar tests certified on each machine.


Various models with large working areas are available, to meet any customers’ requirements.

Custom-made configurations of machines or automation systems to meet specific production needs.

Electrospindles with a wide range of power ratings and rotation speeds.

Many configurations and options are available to obtain a “tailor-made” machine.

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High dynamicity.

Extremely short tool changeover times.

5 continuous axes for the machining of parts “from rough to finished” in a single set-up.


Very easy and fast to use in the tooling and workpiece clamping phases.

High reliability over time thanks to the advanced design, painstaking attention to every detail and use of top quality components.

Very compact machine design with extremely small footprint with the same working capacity.