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Complete and customisable automated solutions

In recent years, continuous technological innovation and the ability to design and provide customers with complete solutions that go beyond the individual machine, have become increasingly important and appreciated, and this trend will likely become even stronger in the future.

One of Rema Control’s strengths is the design and development of entire automatic lines of various types, tailor-made to meet the customers’ needs, and able to reduce production costs and boost ROI. The automation systems are entirely conceived, designed and developed by Rema Control according to the customers’ needs.


The automatic production cells are equipped with the most advanced robots available on the market and feature dedicated systems capable of serving one or more machines.
The use of innovative technologies allows, if necessary, piece recognition with 2D or 3D camera. Thanks to suitable customisable software it is possible to ensure the correct operation of the line and the traceability of production, all with simple and intuitive interfaces.
Thanks to TeleService functions, the entire production cell can also be monitored remotely.

Rema Control’s ability to develop special and customised solutions for customers, also in terms of clamping and gripping systems, is equally important. This is the result of decades of experience in the sector. The ability to offer a superior technical consultancy, which goes beyond the simple supply of a machine and allows to obtain specific solutions for specific needs, increases the total value of the Rema Control offer and is what distinguishes the company on the market.

The automation systems and the specific solutions developed by Rema Control are used in a variety of sectors such as Aviation, Automotive, Mould making and Tooling, for the production of either large volumes or small batches.