Years of expertise in the field of complex applications allowed Rema Control to design the line of 5 axes vertical/horizontal machining centers named Icaro. Tilting head and rotary-moving table allow to machine complex, big and heavy pieces.


The New ICARO is a further evolution of the already established concept of the moving gantry machining centre for vertical/horizontal 5-axis applications.

The base is monoblock and well dimensioned, electrowelded and normalised through the latest thermal treatment technologies to ensure high rigidity, sturdiness and stability. The gantry develops the X-axis movement and on it is mounted the bi-rotary head unit which performs both the vertical movement (Z-axis) and the rotary movements (A and B axes) for complex machining with 5 simultaneous axes. The Y-axis movement, instead, is developed by the saddle placed in front of the head unit, upon which the piece-holder rotary table is also mounted. Both the gantry and the saddle have a newly designed thermo-symmetrical structure, carefully designed with the support of the FEM-Design modelling software, which guarantees high resistance to bending. The gantry and the saddle rest on the base through sturdy, well-dimensioned linear guides with preloaded re-circulating roller pads that, thanks to the low friction coefficient, ensure absolute precision and rapid positioning.

Highly reliable machine thanks to its top quality components and to a smart design that minimises maintenance requirements.

As a result of a powerful new generation electrospindle, the ICARO is optimally suited for 5-axis machining of pieces made of different materials (aluminium alloys, steel, titanium…), always granting high machining speed and the best surface quality standards.

Available also with several automation solutions or pallet changer systems, which can increase the efficiency and productivity of the machine.

Consult the technical characteristics of the machine and, if you wish, compare the data among the available models:
models available:
comparing lengths:

 IT5 - 13IT5 - 16IT5 - 20IT5 - 25
Rototranslating table
Table dimensionsᴓ 800 / ᴓ 1.000 mmᴓ 1.000 mmᴓ 1.200 mmᴓ 1.500 mm
Maximum table load3000 Kg4000 Kg6000 Kg9000 Kg
Max. piece diameterø1.450 mmᴓ 2.000 mmᴓ 2.400 mmᴓ 3.000 mm
Minimum angular indexing'0.001 degrees'0.001 degrees'0.001 degrees'0.001 degrees
Axes travel
Longitudinal stroke1.300 mm1.650 mm 2.000 mm 2.500 mm
Cross travel1.350 mm1.700 mm 1.700 mm 1.900 mm
Vertical stroke1.200 mm1.400 mm 1.600 mm 1.600 mm
Rapid X-Y-Z axes50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min
Spindle data
Rotation speed15000 rounds/min15000 rounds/min15000 rounds/min15000 rounds/min
Power 40 Kw40 Kw40 Kw40 Kw
Torque 180 Nm180 Nm180 Nm180 Nm
Optional spindles10.000 / 12.000 / 18.000 / 24.000 rpm10.000 / 12.000 / 18.000 / 24.000 rpm10.000 / 12.000 / 18.000 / 24.000 rpm10.000 / 12.000 / 18.000 / 24.000 rpm
Tool magazine
Number of positions (standard)30303030
Maximum number of positions (option)200200200200
Tilting head
A-axis travel (horizontal starting position)'+/-110 degrees'+/-110 degrees'+/-110 degrees'+/-110 degrees
Minimum angular indexing'0.001 degrees'0.001 degrees'0.001 degrees'0.001 degrees
Pallet Changer
Pallet size 800 x 800 mm1.000 x 1.000 mm 1.200 x 1.200 mm 1.500 x 1.500
Max. piece diameter (on pallet) 1.200 mm 1.600 mm 2.000 mm 2.500 mm
Max. pallet load 2.000 Kg 3.000 Kg 4.500 Kg 7.000 Kg
Available CNC systems
Fanuc 31i-MB5
Heidenhain iTNC 640
Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL
Available tool adaptors
HSK 63 / HSK 100

New generation thermo-symmetrical gantry designed with the support of the FEM-Design modelling software, for rigidity and stability at the top of its category.

Recirculating ball screws and large roller guides.

Monoblock base, electrowelded and normalised with special reinforcement ribs.


The 45° gantry structure and the double-support moving head guarantee excellent removal and piece finishing.

High-power electrospindles with water cooling and an innovative sensor system for thermal expansion control.

Accurate kinematic features for 5-axis continuous machining, with laser and Ballbar tests certified on each machine.


Quick and easy tooling and workpiece clamping. A pallet changer system is also available for tooling without downtime.

High reliability over time thanks to the advanced design, the painstaking attention to every detail and the use of top quality components.

Many configurations and options are available to obtain a “tailor-made” machine.

Custom-made configurations of machines or automation systems to meet specific production needs.