Our machining centres are highly industrialised and feature a modular design.

Our machining centres are highly industrialised and feature a modular design.
Our solutions with moving gantry and simultaneous axes, suitable for machining details of almost unlimited lengths, provide a huge flexibility and machine variability that are highly appreciated, particularly in the high-tech market segments: aviation, energy, medical, prototyping and mould making.

Our multiprocess solutions offer multiple machining operations in one machine. Rough pieces can be machined though to their finished state, making any repositioning unnecessary and providing great flexibility and reliability.

Our machining centres are highly industrialised and feature a modular design.

Our design creativity results in unique solutions which, however, draw on the expertise built up in decades of design and construction of machines and systems that have undergone the tests of time and market.


The Aviation sector is constantly innovating, with increasingly complex technical issues and, above all, new materials that may be difficult to machine. Needs which we, as manufacturers of machining centres, respond to with high-tech solutions with highly dynamic machines and a family of high-torque spindles for every type of material to be processed. Moreover, the 5-axis continuous machining feature is ideal for aviation applications. Rema Control’s ability to offer customer-specific solutions, and automation systems that further increase the efficiency and productivity of machines, is also highly appreciated in this sector.


A wide range of 3-4-5 axis moving gantry machines, able to efficiently meet any requirement of the mould making industry for a broad variety of sectors.
Rema Control specialises in the construction of multi-axis machines and systems able to perform as many operations as possible for the production of the mould with a single set-up and with unrivalled levels of precision and finishing. The experience gained through years of presence in this sector, has allowed Rema Control to develop an important know-how on the specific requirements of customers operating in this sector. This allows to anticipate their needs and offer cutting-edge solutions that guarantee maximum performance.


Rema Control boasts more than 20 years of experience in the automotive sector, and constantly updates to the most advanced technologies that can be used in the sector. The machines are characterised by great modularity and customisation to meet customers’ specific needs, resulting in unique solutions. The machine’s high dynamic response, combined with the possibility to operate in a tandem machining mode, allow maximum system’s productivity.
Automation, tailor-made special machines and 24/7 robotic lines have been an important part of Rema Control’s production for years.


Rema Control can supply machines of different sizes with modular solutions, able to meet the needs of all potential buyers in every sector.
Structural rigidity, thrust force at work, precision, power and torque at the spindle, reliability, combined with high flexibility and customisation are features that allow the machining of parts of any shape and size. The possibility to work in a tandem machining mode or in a 5-axis continuous machining mode allows to make the most of the potential of the machine and optimise the working time.


Rema Control is able to provide suitable solutions to the great variability of applications in the energy industry, from small parts to very large components that are typical, for example, of the nuclear and wind-power sectors. The availability of high-power and high-performance spindles allows to effectively perform even the most demanding machining tasks, while the flexibility provided by the 5 simultaneous axes guarantees maximum precision even in the most complex machining operations. Our customer-specific multiprocess solutions are also highly appreciated in this sector. They are the result of Rema Control’s great experience and technical know-how developed in almost 30 years of presence on the market.