Rema Control has always been the ideal partner for those who look for reliability, innovation and
precision in every mechanical machining operation.


We follow a precise and distinctive manufacturing philosophy, which is the result of years of expertise in designing our own moving gantry vertical machining centres, based on the highest technological reliability and intuitiveness allowed by the geometry of the machine.

REMA CONTROL was founded in 1987 and initially specialised in the after-sale service and retrofitting of machine tools. After a few years of experience in this sector, we felt the need to design our own machining centres, continuously refining and improving technical performances, always pursuing the highest levels of reliability and quality.

Thanks to a comprehensive background, we are able to provide different models of machining centres for any manufacturing application, as well as tooling, automation systems and turnkey solutions, when requested by the customer.

Innovative ideas and highly specialised engineers are our strength.

The continuous evolution of our industry enables us to think beyond borders, exploring new markets that are offering good prospects, or consolidating other already developed markets with the supply of high-technology products.


We rely on specialised and high-technology supplies, as well as on targeted partnerships with leading technical players of the industry.

The technological development of the rotary table, carried out in partnership with the most prestigious manufacturers, is the most recent example.

Specifically, it enables us not only to provide rotary tables for continuous 4 or 5-axis milling operations, but also to carry out high-performance turning operations.


First rule: listen to the customer. Guided by this imperative, we are confident that we can provide more than an excellent machine tool: modular design, reliability, efficiency, flexibility, precision and after-sales service.

And our objective is the same as our customers’: to make sure that the machine provides the best ROI possible, reducing downtime, maximising productivity, increasing quality of outputs and, in general, providing tangible benefits that can be immediately recognised by the end customers.


The fierce competition of nowadays’ rapidly evolving global market can be won with reliability, quality and precision.

To guarantee competitiveness in a complex and aggressive market, it is essential to provide versatility and modularity, combined with high-manufacturing quality, dynamism and reliability, capable of ensuring high precision.