Box ways and strong cast iron machine structures grant excellent rigidity and material removal capability.


A few years ago Rema Control acquired DEBER, the historic Italian brand of milling machines. Following this and using its decades of experience, Rema Control carefully redesigned DEBER’s most successful models and updated them with the latest technologies available. The result is the Rema Control DEBER line of vertical/horizontal milling machines, available either in the T-gantry version or in the moving gantry configuration. The peculiarity of this line of products is their classic sturdiness and strength coupled with innovative control and measurement systems, and use of the latest generation components that guarantee performance and energy efficiency that are unrivalled in the industry.

The structure of the DEBER milling machine has been carefully designed with the support of the FEM-Design modelling software. It is made out of special cast irons that give it rigidity and the ability to absorb exceptional vibrations. All castings are subjected to specific heat stabilisation treatments to further optimise the characteristics of thermo-symmetry and resistance to deformation. The moving parts of the machine are treated with Turcite and slide on flat hardened and ground guides.
The DEBER line of milling machines can be configured in a variety of models with increasing travels, table sizes and table capacities to meet customers’ requirements. The availability of automatic high-power bi-rotary heads with even millesimal precision, automatic head changer systems and/or boring tube, makes DEBER the ideal choice for various types of machining where strong removal capacity and excellent precision are a must.

The features of the DEBER line of horizontal milling machines are increasingly appreciated throughout a wide range of industries, such as mould making, aviation, general heavy engineering and energy engineering.

Consult the technical characteristics of the machine and, if you wish, compare the data among the available models:
models available:
comparing lengths:

 DT.TG 15-30DT.TG 15-40
Tilt rotary table
Table dimensions1600 x 1600 mm2.000 x 2.000 mm
Maximum table load15.000 Kg (25.000 Kg)15.000 Kg (25.000 Kg)
Axes travel
X-axis travel3000 mm4000 mm
Y-axis travel1300 mm1300 mm
W-axis travel1000 mm1000 mm
Z-axis travel2000 mm2000 mm
Rapid X - Y - W - Z axes15 m/min15 m/min
Longitudinal stroke2.500 – 10.000 mm2.500 – 10.000 mm
Cross travel2.300 mm2.300 mm
Vertical stroke2.000 mm2.000 mm
Spindle data
Rotation speed4000 rounds/min4000 rounds/min
Power 33 Kw33 Kw
Torque 1250 Nm1250 Nm
Tool magazine
Number of positions (standard)4040
Numerical checks available
Heidenhain iTNC 640--

Machine movement on hardened and ground flat guides.

Oversized structure to guarantee high stability and rigidity of machining.

Design with painstaking attention to every detail and use of the best components available on the market.


Automatic heads with high-torque and high-power spindles for class-leading removal.

Large rotary table with very high load capacity.

Sophisticated measurement and control systems, combined with strict quality control, make it possible to achieve exceptional working accuracies.


Different models available, with increasing X-axis travels to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Various configurations with automatic heads with different degrees of positioning (even millesimal), reaming tube and automatic head change system.