Newton Big C5P

One machine to answer multiple needs. Fixed table for 3 axes machining and 4°/5° axes trunnion type swivel-rotary table for medium to big sized applications.

C5, large version.

The flexibility of a 5-axis machine with the rigidity of a 3-axis machine:
– ISO 40 or ISO 50 spindles
– Increased working capacity
– Exceptional removals
– Unchanged flexibility

Consult the technical characteristics of the machine and, if you wish, compare the data among the available models:
models available:
comparing lengths:

 NBT3 20 C5 NBT3 25 C5NBT3 33 C5NBT3 25 C5PNBT3 33 C5P
Fixed table
Table dimensions1.150 x 820 mm1.650 x 820 mm2.800 x 820 mm1.150 x 820 mm2.000 x 820 mm
Maximum table load (distributed)1100 Kg1500 Kg3000 Kg1300 Kg2200 Kg
Tilt rotary table
Table dimensions (option)600 x 500 mm600 x 500 mm600 x 500 mm600x600 (ᴓ 800) mm600x600 (ᴓ 800) mm
Maximum table load400 Kg400 Kg400 Kg800 Kg800 Kg
Maximum workpiece swing ᴓ 700 mmᴓ 700 mmᴓ 700 mmᴓ 1000 mmᴓ 1000 mm
Axes travel
X-axis travel2000 mm2500 mm3300 mm2500 mm3.300 mm
Y-axis travel (option)800 (900) mm 800 (900) mm800 (900) mm800 (900) mm800 (900) mm
Z-axis travel800 mm800 mm800 mm800 mm800 mm
Rapid X-Y-Z axes50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min50 m/min
Spindle data
Rotation speed 10000 rounds/min10000 rounds/min10000 rounds/min10000 rounds/min10000 rounds/min
Power 22 Kw22 Kw22 Kw22 Kw22 Kw
Torque 140 Nm140 Nm140 Nm140 Nm140 Nm
Optional spindles 8.000/12.000/15.000/20.000/24.000 rpm8.000/12.000/15.000/20.000/24.000 rpm8.000/12.000/15.000/20.000/24.000 rpm8.000/12.000/15.000/20.000/24.000 rpm8.000/12.000/15.000/20.000/24.000 rpm
Tool magazine
Number of positions (standard)3030303030
Maximum number of positions (option)150150150150150
Available CNC systems
Fanuc 31i-MB5
Heidenhain iTNC 640
Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL
Available tool adaptors
ISO 40 / HSK 63 / ISO 50 / HSK 100